Hadzi & van Oldenborgh believe in documentary practice across media: in film, art, web projects and other disciplines. Both have been involved in art projects before and during the partnership, often involving a documentary methodology or mode of address.

Lennaart van Oldenborgh’s main artistic production dates from the 1990’s, with projects addressing television news aesthetics (Newsroom, War Stories) and questions of performance and identity (Peeling, expression/constraint et al). Since then he has collaborated with Smadar Dreyfus on several large-scale installation works, based on documentary spatial audio recordings from Israel, as well as a surround audio installation by Mikhail Karikis.

Adnan Hadzi has participated in art festivals in East London with SMS Art Angel and other projects, and has contributed to the Swiss !Mediengruppe Bitnik media arts collective for a number of their projects.