H+O films LLP is the partnership of Adnan Hadzi and Lennaart van Oldenborgh, who have worked together since 2004. H+O Films is dedicated to the production of independent documentary films and art projects, and to research into collaborative forms of documentary practice.

The latest feature-length documentary film by H+O Films, Bitter Lemons, was premiered at the 49th Solothurn Film Festival in Switzerland. Bitter Lemons provides a unique local perspective on the conflict in Cyprus, neglected and buried by the European Union and largely forgotten by the world, from people who have lived with the consequences of this conflict – the memories, the minefields and the barricades – since 1974.

Adnan Hadzi and Lennaart van Oldenborgh studied for a Screen Documentary MA at Goldsmiths, University of London, in 2003-4,. Since then, Adnan Hadzi finished a practice-based PhD in Media & Communications at Goldsmiths, and Lennaart van Oldenborgh is currently engaged in CHASE-funded AVPhD research at Goldsmiths.